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Rancho Belago Elites Track and Field 

5.  Am I required to attend Meets / Practices?

The short answer is YES! This does not mean you personally, but there must be an adult that we/the athlete can turn to if there are problems. 

4.  What is the deadline for registering?

We start open registration on November 3 and end once we reach our maximum team size or before January 7th whichever comes first and all payments must be paid in full. There is no exceptions.  The maximum size of the team for the 2019 season is 20 total. So first come first serve.

3. How do I register my athlete(s)?

All registrations are handled through RBE Staff at scheduled registration location and days or during practices onsite.   To start the application process the fee is $100 per application, which get applied to the total cost of  the registration fee.  This cost is used to pay for the athlete(s) AAU membership, USATF membership and operation cost. These Fees are Non-REFUNDABLE!!!  No athlete can start practice without their AAU/USATF membership, because these memberships are required to be covered by the insurance and practice location.

2. What does it cost?

Due to increase cost of during business with AAU, USATF, School District, other vendors, and operation expenses our cost for 2018 is $500.  For a cost breakdown please contact RBE Staff at

1. When does the season begin and what's the season schedule?

Our Spring Season generally begins January and continues through late May.  Our team members also have the option of competing in post-season qualifiers for the Junior Olympics / California State Games. These qualifiers begins in June and ends around the first week of August.


Rancho Belago Elites Track Team is a youth track and field program for kids' age 7 through 18.  At this time we only compete during the Spring season (January - August) with the regular season beginning in January and ending in May. Then the post season starts in June and ends the first week of August.  We do however; start  our training with pre-season / off-season during the first week of November. Note; Your child must be a current registered member of AAU to participate.